The Little Birchwood

Living a solitude life was fine with Albert. He kept himself busy by whittling wood in which he would carve into a few people but he prefers animals and wagons. He always enjoyed working with wood; he was at peace with it. “Takes your mind of things,” he would always say. Albert got pleasure and a sense of peacefulness on his evening walks, but today he could not get the thought of yesterday's walk out of his mind. As he was waking yet another walk, he kept thinking, If I hear it this time, I will find out what it is. Listening while he walked, he heard nothing, and this happened on every walk—nothing. All was quiet and peaceful. This went on for quite a while. Albert was working on an old piece of wood, poplar to be exact. He already had a few pieces carved out of the wood, but he prefers to work with cherry or oak. Hardwoods make beautiful pieces. It was nearing the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and he likes to display his pieces for them. It gives him peace and comfort. “I will soon be getting some more pieces as soon as I find some more wood. I need some. It is starting to dwindle to nearly nothing.”

by Mary Kelley

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