The Splendid Spark

Each of us comes into the world with a special little something that sets us apart and makes us unique, but sometimes people, experiences, and events in our lives change who we were designed to become. Meet the most special of little boys who, strong and brave on the outside, had things that made him sad and angry on the inside. With the help of a friend who sees potential in that which others have grown to give up on, he finds trust and the courage that reignites the spark that had once been lost. Join him on his journey as he learns of his splendidness through the patience, kindness, and love of another to become stronger, wiser, and now shining a little bit brighter.

Nancy de Arrigunaga, former teacher now turned writer and education consultant, has personally witnessed the indelible mark left on children by the people, experiences, and events they encounter throughout their lives. Throughout her career, she has come to appreciate the importance of lighting that special spark in children of all ages, empowering them to become more than they might have imagined. A mother of two sons herself, and having learned of the traumas that plagued her own father throughout his childhood, she is ever more aware of the significance of guiding and inspiring all children—particularly those suffering from personal trauma. Nancy hopes that The Splendid Spark will remind children to see themselves through the eyes of those who find beauty and potential in them, and to embrace and honor their uniqueness.

Nancy lives in sunny South Florida with her husband, Juan, who also finds passion in his work with children as a licensed clinical social worker and behavioral therapist.

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by Nancy de Arrigunaga

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