The Three Ts: Treason, Treachery, and Terrorism

This book was inspired by the unrest, indifference, and the covert actions of foreign governments interfering in the political or military affairs of Middle Eastern states all for the purpose of national security of those foreign nations. Religious and radical factions operating within the borders of those Middle Eastern States felt disenchanted and oppressed by outsiders and had resorted to terrorism as a way of persuading those foreign nations to cease and desist meddling in the affairs of their lands and vacate them.The potential of war on a scale not seen since World War II manifests from the actions of all, and war is sought by the radical religious groups that want a Holy War (Jihad). They see it as the only way to achieve autonomy. Countries in the Middle East that offer sanctuary to these radical groups lead to coalitions of foreign armies to invade those nations. Diplomacy failed as an amicable solution for sanctuary states to deal with their problem.This story is a hybrid narrative, a mixture of facts and fiction. The first book is part of a trilogy titled The Three Ts: Treason, Treachery, and Terrorism and will be followed by Precursor to War—The Awakening, and finally Oblivion—A New Beginning. These books will lay out a real and probable scenario of where we're heading if nothing changes.

by Vernon J. Hayward

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