Things That Suck

We've all had that moment when we simply have to say, “Well, that sucks.” The Things That Suck book is just that; it captures those moments when things have just plain sucked!

Started March 16, 1995, the Things That Suck is a numbered compilation of things that have sucked throughout my life and in the lives of my family and friends. It started as a journal just to get through the rough times in life, and then as others added their rough times as well, it became sort of a story throughout time.

You may have had a time in your life when you can say, “Hey, I was there once, and yes, that does suck.” Or you may just read an entry and think to yourself, Hey, glad that wasn't me. Either way, those who read this book will be able to cry with, laugh at, and relate to many of those times.

by Janeen Sanderson

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