Three Olives and a Cigarette

Dana Brown is a cigarette-smoking, vodka-and-tonic-drinking woman who fights crime her way. Working for the Bureau of Land Management, her handpicked loyal agents will do anything Dana wants to bring her style of justice to the bad guys. Using everything from a borrowed trash truck, weed killer, rattlesnakes, and other assorted, unusual methods, she catches the bad guys off guard. Dana's enjoyment is a drug dealer's nightmare. And to complicate matters, the drug dealers simply cannot figure out who or what is interfering with their illegal ways. Adding to Dana's life is a new female love interest, Pat, who goes from landlady to friend with benefits to eventually an agent also. Throw in Dana's two dogs, seven cats, Pat's mountain lion, and it all adds up to their sometimes chaotic but often humorous daily lives. So if you're inclined—sit back, grab a smoke, vodka and tonic with three olives, and enjoy the story you won't want to put down.

by Victoria Carlson

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