Thunder on Bays Mountain

The voice of the Lord is over the waters;the God of glory thunders,the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.—Psalm 29:3 NIVThunder on Bays Mountain is a compelling story of love for family and love for the Lord. From the time his first ancestor arrived in America from England, Green Berry Gilbert, like so many, endured hardship, loss, and the fight for daily survival in the 1800s. This book details how they lived, how they worked, and even recipes for what they ate.Meeting his future wife, Amanda, was a blessing in Green Berry's life that he cherished until his death. Together, they faced the challenges of their day, never giving up hope. Green Berry's final poignant love letter, written on his deathbed to Amanda, will bring powerful emotions to the reader.Forced to decide loyalties during the Civil War, Green Berry and his older brother, John, join a local Confederate unit in Hawkins County, Tennessee, and proceed to be involved in a number of major battles and skirmishes that took place during this American conflict. The story of the Civil War has been told many times, but due to Green Berry's religious beliefs, his account of the war is told from the perspective of a blacksmith and teamster. The letters exchanged between Green Berry and Amanda during this time are wonderful reminders of all that is important in life.Besides raising eight children in a remote mountain cabin and farming, Green Berry is led by the Lord to plant a church on top of Bays Mountain. With the help of many neighbors, a small log church is constructed so the people on Bays Mountain could have a formal place to worship. Known for his booming voice, Green Berry delivers several of his sermons during which his voice thunders on Bays Mountain.

by Dale E. Gilbert

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