Time - for a New Generation of Drumming

Who am I? I am time. Time never ceases to stop. It continues to move forward spearheading us into what comes next. The "time" is now. It is time to enlarge your thinking into a new world of time. A new way of thinking. A new approach. This book will not only take you there, but it will spark something in you for generations to come. So as I teach you, teach others. It is time for liftoff. Let us see where you land.This book will challenge not only your thinking and your perception of how you view time but others as well. My book will take you on a journey to hopefully help you to rediscover time looking through a different lens. Age is no limit to time. From the youngest of age to the oldest, everyone can benefit from reading this book. Drummers and all other musically inclined individuals can prosper from the material that is on the pages in this book. Now put on your thinking caps and let us get started.What you can take from this book:The average musician is usually comfortable with playing in 4/4 or 3/4 time signatures. This book will expose you to other meters so that you can master them. It will take you through how to play time signatures within another time signature. This book will show you how to break up phrases of time signatures that enhances your creativity and takes it to another level. It will help you with limb independence while using two different meters. Then the extreme meter of playing in three meters simultaneously. We will finish off my book with advanced songs written by me that you can enjoy playing with your fellow musicians. The examples in this book will add not only to your creativity but also to others who you may perform with.

by Karnell Robinson

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