Tips for Beginning Secondary Teachers

This book was written for anyone who is considering a career as a secondary teacher. It gives the reader many tips on becoming an effective secondary educator in a very modest amount of time. The goal is to make the transition to secondary teaching as painless as possible for the new teacher. The author does not want the reader to go through the difficult pitfalls he went through during his early years as a secondary educator in a public school. Hopefully, the reader will be ready and willing to devote a good portion of their life to helping shape young people's minds in a positive way and, hence, becoming successful and productive citizens of our society.

This book will also give the authors newfound admiration of anyone who enters the cutthroat profession of politics. You will find out what the author learned as well as his admiration of anyone who puts their name on the line.

The topic of teacher bashing will be addressed as well in this work. The author gives his honest response to account the experiences of a veteran secondary teacher, who is trying to make this upcoming generation a great one.

by Albert Horoszy

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