To Straddle the Apple Tree Limb: The Memoirs of an Erotic Masseuse

I have been working as an erotic masseuse for more than twenty-five years. I have been arrested and convicted twice for prostitution, robbed at gunpoint, and I had a humiliating newspaper article written about me.

Having been raised in a very small rural area, I was taught to trust people; but when I started working as an erotic masseuse, I entered a world of liars, cheaters, and other criminals. Numerous clients, as well as the hookers whom I worked with from time to time, took advantage of me.

I explain how and why I advanced from a regular massage to an erotic massage, how I combined them together, and what my erotic massage consists of, as well as my take on prostitution. Also, I share stories of some of my encounters with my clients, both my favorite and just memorable, as well as some weird clients who weren't invited back. Making appointments was a struggle for me, as well as how much money to charge for a massage that had turned erotic.

by Jackie Miller

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