Trapped: Memoirs of a Gay Boy in the Fifties and Sixties

Experience:The wonder of the earliest childhood memories.The delight of the unexpected discovery and joy of sexual feelings and sexual play.The overwhelming power of first love.The brutal and completely unexpected shock of homosexual insight.The unrelenting prejudice and judgment of a hostile society. The persistent and literally paralyzing fear of exposure. The profound sadness of loneliness and of alone knowing what I was. The unquenchable fear of complete separation from God's love. The hopelessness of a child facing eternal damnation. The chronic persistent worry of what family, friends, and peers would think of me and do if my cover was ever blown. Sexual abuse: unendurable confusion and loss of innocenceSpiritual explosion: understanding, gratitude, and peaceThis is a letter to the heterosexual world toward understanding and acceptance on behalf of present and future generations of gay children.

by Richard Bagarozy

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