Trip City Dreams

Brandon Lotus, a.k.a. BB, grew up right in the middle of Roger Garden projects in Trenton, New Jersey.His father, Bear, was a street legend and known drug dealer in the city. At the tender age of eight, Bear was booked and sentenced to life for murder, changing his life for the worst. With his mother Ashanti and her best friend Benita working long shifts every day to make ends meet, BB and his boy Jabba are forced to get the love they need outside in the trenches.When his basketball career gets cut short due to injury, he falls into the only other hustle he knows, which was what his father did. Doomed to carry on his father's legacy, BB jumps into a game he really has little knowledge of and has to learn his lessons the hard way. Will he accomplish his goals of being “hood rich,” or will the streets swallow him whole?Follow Kenney Francois on Social Media

by Kenney Francois

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