Two Hundred Pounders Don't Win Marathons But Persevere Anyway

This book is designed to be a self-help book; that is, to encourage you to become a better athlete, to persevere in your sport from football, running, gymnastics etc., and to become a better person. The book also Includes some once-in-a lifetime sports stories to amaze you as well as to entertain you. I've been a successful journalism professor for over 25 years, a letterman for a top 20 college football team (University of Wyoming), a member of the top national military service football team (Quantico Marines), a pole vaulter in high school and college, and a category winner in various races from a mile run to several marathons and triathlons. All of these events, I feel, were the results of perseverance and God's help. I am hopeful that your achievements will be better than mine. I also hope you will not be a quitter and to persevere in your sport. Your rewards may surprise you!

by R. W. Larson Jr.

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