U Don't Define Me, I'm Free: The Blueprint for Freedom and Liberation: Volume One

U Don't Define Me, I'm Free, was written for the following reasons:Corporate glass ceiling benefits who?Who does it limit?Why is the corporation structure compared to the slave plantation?Why is divide and conquer still practiced within socioeconomical classes and religious nations such as Judaism and Islam?Why are people still purchasing real estate within countries such as the United States and Africa where they will never own the land?The greatest lie ever told but constantly promoted globally is the "year of the return." Who does that truly benefit?Those are some reasons why I wrote this book, there are a few more reasons.The youth and unconscious adults label entertainers and repeat jail offenders as leaders of the African nomad communities. We have lost our way. Prison rapes are now accepted and even considered a rite of passage for our youth. Sexism is enforced within our community while programming our young sisters to accept the oversexed title and mentality that was birthed during slavery and enforced in the modern day through music and other entertainment. U Don't Define Me, I'm Free was created to assist young and hungry minds with tools that will break them away from their mental chains and traps.

by Esa

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