Un Ovium Mori

Words do naught to function without meaning or expression providing a foundation, and despite the benevolence, grace, or malign intention that backs them up, often enough do we find that these variables mean nothing in a written state—too often are false affections and prejudices ascribed to our words and sewn into our lips; if it is the duty of the author—or of the speaker—to convey absolute meaning, and in that instance we may yet be absolutely doomed. However, the greatest of all works—written, recorded, painted, sculpted, or what have you—are not pieces that tell us what to think or how to feel, but rather invite us to think and feel for ourselves, to breathe unhindered and see with a clarity that which we could not before. That motif is the expression and intention of this book, to invite the reader to investigate their own nature, their own emotions, and their own inflections.

by Quinten Serna

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