In a not-so-perfect world, Sharon Lordes is living in a not-so-perfect life. Being a single mother of two, she longs for a bit of happiness in her stressful life. So when she meets the man of her dreams, she becomes so lovestruck that she ignores all of her womanly intuitions. Having a teenage daughter in high school and a grown son who lives the life no mother wants for her son.

Sharon Lordes asks no questions. Having a teenage daughter at home never crossed her mind when letting her new boyfriend stay with several nights a week. Until one night, the unthinkable happens and the mother's drunken boyfriend walks into her daughter's room and rapes her. This becomes a weekly thing, and to her daughter's surprise, her mother just acted as if she does not know what is happening under her own room.

Unique looks up to her older brother so much that she begins to do music to impress him. He was not only her brother, but he is also her father. Unique keeps her dark secret from her brother out of fear what he would do, not just to his mother's sick boyfriend but to her mother as well. So Unique pours her heart and emotions into her journal, telling no one of the pain and hurt that she feels. Unique is blessed with beauty and brains, and a gift for wordplay that she can out rap any boy at her school, and that makes her very popular and very unpopular with some of the girls at her school.

Major is the biggest fan of his little sister's music and always listens to it while driving. Major is the most ruthless young hustler that the local drug pushers have seen in a long while. He is kind and poised and respectful, but cross him and it is lights out. Major catches the attention of one of Los Angeles' most crooked drug dealers who controlled two-thirds of the drugs in the city. Not one outdone by his pupil. Mr. Jon puts in play a plan to take Major out the game for good. But what he has failed to realize was that the very people he sets Major up with, is actually gunning for him.

by T. Michael Miller

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