Unlocking the Political Mind: with a patriot's manual for saving our constitutional republic from itself

Can psychology's fundamental ideas be organized into a scientific study? That's a question only readers of this book can answer. It will supply sufficient evidence for pondering the issues and wondering what will come next from this author's quest to make sense of the whys and hows of unnecessary, mental, and emotional suffering.

This first volume in a series gets the ball rolling, as it were, by uncovering and carefully examining political minds driven to control minds willing to be controlled and minds that will exploit every sinister strategy hoping to build an impossibly perfect world on the backs of struggling, helpless masses. When the human mind makes a mockery of good people who wish to build societies upon humanity's best traits, as America's founders have done, only psychology is prepared for the challenge.

This volume's introduction into a scientific psychology not only opens the door to public examination of undiscovered realities in psychology's therapy, diagnosis, management, and prevention, it permits us, the people of America, to more carefully examine the worlds of education, the criminal justice system, and parenting, for example, and guide them in their efforts to make sense of who we are as individuals struggling on our social environment.

This series doesn't have all the answers; nonetheless, it may be a significant first step toward eventually awakening all people to their unlimited psychological potential and the dangers inherent in losing it to misunderstanding or external manipulation.

by Ronald J. Fintak Sr. M.S.

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