Valentine Christmas

As a child, I would wish upon the stars late at night when I could not sleep—hoping, wishing, and dreaming for when I grow up I want to be me!

Writing and telling stories made me happy and other people's children happy, my children, and my grandchild Layla. Writing and telling stories kept me out of trouble and being bored. Now, I teach Layla to tell stories because she's only four and gets bored.

I can remember a few Christmas ago when Layla said, “Grandma, I want a Christmas tree. Mine, Grandma.” So I went outside, broke off a branch from the tree, stuck it in a can of gravel, and brought it back in the house. Then I cut out paper hearts as ornaments to put on the tree and started singing and dancing as we decorated the Christmas tree. It's a Valentine Christmas for you, for me, and for everyone. Little did I know, Layla's Valentine Christmas tree would be made into a book, a dream come true.

May Valentine Christmas bring love and laughter to you and your families. May all your dreams come true with Valentine Christmas love.

by Aleigh

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