Vegan Delectable: Volume 1

Vegan Delectable presents versatile, delicious recipes for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores fusing Guyanese-American flavors to indulge and delight our palates. This is a celebration of delectable foods for everyone! Volume l brings lunch and dinner offerings. Simplistic instructions follow each recipe that even a novice can effortlessly follow. Healthy nuts, fruits, grains and vegetables that can be easily procured from your neighborhood supermarkets are utilized for each recipe. Thanks to my parents who were amazing cooks, whom I observed as a child in our Guyanese kitchen. I have also been enlightened about healthy and holistic living though biblical and SDA Christian principles. American cuisines were integrated in my adult life to celebrate acclimation to my American culture. I was carnivorous for most of my life but became a vegan fifteen years ago and realized that vegans needed delectable foods that are visibly and palatably gratifying and easy to prepare. Volume ll Soups & Salads, Volume lll Breads & Pastries and Volume IV Desserts & Beverages will follow.

by Sheron Mingo, Y

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