Vengeance Passed On

Jaxon Bartleight is a police officer with twenty-two years of working on cold-case files. He is a very angry man, struggling with relationships and inner demons. He carried the burden and pain silently, of his fiancée's murder from many years ago, believing her death was his fault. Her murder, never solved, has left him burdened emotionally. Things changed in his life when a woman named Angela enters unexpectedly. She begins to get involved in his cases, actually helping him and Peter Galbreth, his partner, solve these old cases. Appearing to have information that she shouldn't be able to have, showing up at the most inopportune/opportune times, and having an emotional effect on everyone she encounters causes Jaxon to be unsure if she is a very good hacker (fraud), a physic, or supernatural. Only time will tell, but it may leave Jaxon questioning his own sanity, desperately wanting an answer to know more.

by Macy Gray

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