Victims of the State: The Underground Escape

Boredom, drudgery, with an occasional excitement brought about by food shortages or blackouts; the illnesses of a dying society devoid of imagination, inventiveness, even competence. At the apex of its soulless construct sit the powerful, cunningly wrestling for position, seeking control over a people who no longer care who controls their lives. And there is no Atlantis, waiting in the wings to provide guidance for those who have been slowly robbed of their will to create, to invent, to prove their competence. The soul of the individual has been lost to the tyranny of the group. The heart of our once great nation is awash in a sea of socialist propaganda decrying individualism as selfish and egotistical.

But something has awakened in the ashes of our civilization. It is every bit as cunning as the power hungry whose socialist agenda created this miasma, and it has grown in spite of their efforts to crush it. Born with no lust for power, no desire for the greater good, and no ism to offer, it has, nevertheless, grown at an alarming rate, or perhaps not alarming. If the individual is ever to be freed from the yoke of the lying, manipulative control of socialism, perhaps the answer is in the alarming growth of that thing, that black market, that underground which promises to free the VICTIMS OF THE STATE.

by Chad Warwick

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