Visiting Darkness

“No. Never saw it coming. Jake's a nice guy. Normal, you know? The man coached my son's little league, for gods-sake! I don't understand any of this.”

“I've known Anne for years. Not once did I ever think she could do something like this. Ever.”

“You're nuts. Mike would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. They got the wrong person. He didn't kill all those people. This is crazy. Now, get out of my yard.”

You've seen the headlines…watched a reporter questioning stunned neighbors—maybe even tuned out the incredulous voices. But what if it happened right next door or at your place of work? Would that get your attention? Do you really know those within your bubble of existence?

Already world weary and emotionally numb from the death of his partner eight years prior, Senior Detective Maxwell Browning never thought he'd experience the familiar, adrenaline-pumping drive to solve an unfolding mystery ever again. While the town's victim count grows, so does his confusion. Why are average, normal people without a lick of violence in their background killing without rhyme or reason?

What Max finds along the road to discovery defies belief and upends everything he thought he knew…or wanted to know. Prepare yourself. The truth lies within.

by Celeste Prater

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