Walking Toward the Kingdom

Do you want to discover God's Kingdom and righteousness? This title tailors an inspirational nonfiction book about walking with God and being taken into the New Jerusalem. You recapture the kingdom of priests, holy nation, and unshakable government without an end warranting to all its dwellers fairness, justice, and happiness. There end forever any illusion, heartbreaking news, unexpected encounter and outcome. You discover a believable and an easy-to-read book that keeps you focussed toward God's glorious Kingdom arrival. That's a proven-road map to the New Jerusalem. Frighten the questions: What if suddenly the end happens and you are not ready? How to prevent such a surprise? How to always keep your light on and your head turned above? The book empowers and motivates. It keeps you on track. To walk on the golden streets and the sea of glass mixed with fire, sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb, eat the fruits of the tree of life, and enjoy an endless happiness, you need an undivided commitment. Get the book and read it. TAINE LAMOUR is an Emeritus Southeastern Conference 7th-day Adventist Church Minister, in Mt. Dora, Florida, USA. He worked in French Antilles, Quebec, and Florida from December 1976 to June 2019. A graduate of American Intercontinental University and Andrews University, he is married to Nadia Barthold, RN, and together they have two daughters: Natacha L. Nahïm and Laura L. Burns.

by Taine Lamour

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