What Made Gracie Smile

This a brief summary regarding my short children's story of What Made Gracie Smile. Firstly, this book was inspired to provoke those of whom are growing up as the younger generation evolves that their childhood friends who have left due to relocating and or unknown reasons that you are not alone. Gracie starts off as an adolescent of ten years old and discovers that her life will be changed forever after meeting her new best friend, Lisa. The setting takes place in Washington, DC, and concludes elsewhere after Gracie's parents relocated to another choice of residence. After relocating, Gracie has met many new friends one of which she becomes very comfortable with Matthew. There are three main characters: Lisa, Gracie, and Matthew. A word from the writer I wrote this short children's story because I went through a similar event in my childhood at age eleven, although Gracie had many differences compared to myself, we also have several similarities. I remember my mother saying when I was as young as Gracie that we were moving, I thought I would never see my best friend again. This book inspires the youth and young adolescents that although you have a close friend and as life goes on with the many changes of life, that if someone leaves that they are not truly gone. But all ages of readers are delighted to enjoy this short story and the main question is why did Gracie smile? What made her smile? Why did she smile? Why?

by Shirley Tolson

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