When the Prophet Comes: Love Among the Ruins Comes to a Close

When Alex first stepped foot on Spanish soil in the city of Madrid that summer day so long ago, little did she realize the challenges that lie ahead for her. She has traveled a multitude of difficult roads, encountered many trials, and leaped over many obstacles along the way but has met them all with a determination to run the course with her face to the battle. Everyone who walks a road has a glimmer of hope that what lies at the end will validate the expectation behind the journey. And Alex is no exception. But she did not walk with any expectation of fulfilled material or soulish desire, for her heart was focused on a person. Always assured that no matter which of the directed roads she traveled, she knew that person was watching over the road to guide her onward toward the end.What roads call Alex today, and what promises do they hold for her along the way?That can only be determined as Alex puts one foot in front of the other to continue her journey. Her spiritual upbringing and strong foundation of faith has served her well over the years, and she is looking to those to carry her forward. But deep within the soul of Alex, a sense of urgency is stirring. She is well aware of the message it brings and its consequences that are hidden in the passage of time. Driven by an open heart of love toward guidance and hope, she reaches out to touch you with its cautionary words--walk with wisdom through the darkness for though it tarries, it will surely come.

by Robert Munroe

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