Whitley Mouseling in The New Toys

Laugh. Play. Children and parents everywhere will say, “Hello, Whitley!” as this lovable, spunky little mouse makes her way from the town of Evergreen Woods into their hearts. Those bright eyes and welcoming smile are only two reasons why Whitley Mouseling is a friend to all creatures, big or small. Although her family is new in town, Whitley is determined to make the most of each and every day—having new adventures and making new friends along the way. Children of all ages are welcome to join the party. They can even bring their parents along for the ride. There are more than enough smiles, fun, and games to go around. Whitley teaches children the importance of friendship, compassion, and making every day count.Shortly after moving to Evergreen Woods, Whitley's mommy and daddy bought her some brand-new toys to play with. How exciting! Whitley rushes outside to her yard, ready for a day of fun. However, something is wrong. But what is it? The toys suddenly don't seem as fun as they did in the store. Something is missing. But what? In this heartwarming adventure, Whitley learns her first lesson in friendship. What's the point in having brand-new toys if there is no one around to share them with?

by I.L. Owens

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