Who Am I?: The Rise of Bright Siren: Part 1

Have you ever wondered where your place in the world is? That is the one question that's bothered Aria for years. After growing up with a psychotic mother and an abusive twin sister, who could blame her? It's a dangerous world, especially If you were born superhuman. Blessed and burdened by the power of her siren song and the control over water, what's a girl to do? After running away from her destiny once, Aria must team up with her two closest friends and a former enemy to help save her one true love and keep the fate of humanity safe. It will take all her bravery and the support from her friends to keep the tides of evil at bay. Will Aria learn to accept herself as the hero she is, or will her powers be the end of her and the end for humanity?

by Arnonda Anthony

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