Willow Jean and the Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher

Here is a story about one horrible year,

With one horrible teacher, who brought horrible fear.

She did terrible things, unthinkable acts.

She was disgusting, obnoxious and these are the facts!

She yelled for no reason, just for the fright.

She wore all black, the color of midnight.

“Go see the principal!” She yelled, for no reason at all.

We never went outside to play, and when we laughed we had to face the wall.

Who farts and never fesses? This horrible teacher did.

She had dirty, long fingernails, and smelled of a pig.

Halloween was year ‘round in this teacher's class.

No pens, no books, but dirty zombie looks.

“I want a new teacher,” I begged mom and dad.

“Hang in there, be patient,” they said.

Then one day out of nowhere, a new teacher showed up.

The bad teacher was gone, thanks to my good luck.

My new teacher was great! She was everything I wanted.

Learning was fun! We played and we danced, and enjoyed every moment.

Somehow this new teacher managed to relieve my fear,

And repair the damage caused by that horrible, bad teacher that year.

by Latonya Hairston

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