Windsor Shulant

Going to meet the famous Heather Dryer, Wendy was beyond excited; it was a dream coming true for her. She has spent so much of her time making clothing designs to have them bought by Heather as well as other wholesalers. Once she came to the town where she would meet Heather, she met a famous model she has seen many times in magazines. The two nearly ran into each other while staying at the same hotel. Wendy noticed that he was wearing one of her designs, as they passed each other in the hallway. She wondered if he knew who she was and if he knew that was one of her designs he was wearing. Finding a place to eat at, she soon would run into the model again. Finding out that he knew that she was a great designer, the two formed a friendship that they felt would never end. Wendy was one never to have a steady man in her life; she wondered if the famous model Windsor Shulant would be the man that she had always hoped for. Living in a different state than he did, how could they keep their friendship growing or become more than just friends? Making plans to stay away from her job longer than she thought, she would soon discover that she would be willing to give up her dream job to be with a man like Windsor Shulant.

by Jeannette Amanfo

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