Work: A Brand Development Manual

I've read a lot of “self-help” books. In all of them, there was one thing that always bothered me: why were they more inspirational than practical? That approach never made sense to me. As a visual, hands-on, learner, I need to be able to visualize a goal, see each step in my head. Most books aren't written that way. They're more prose, and inspirational stories, rather than being instructional. As a educator I asked: why can't it be both, practical AND inspirational? As a designer I thought: it has to be fun and easy to use! The business owner in me said: it needs to make sense to everyone; no experience required. Work is the answer to those questions; a direct, practical and creative approach to branding; designed for anyone. Absolutely no experience required.

WORK develops a brand that makes you easy to remember, hard to forget. It's is a different experience; one that's feels more design than business school. It's one that gets results.

All you need is a little WORK.

by E.H. Howard

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