Wrong Again, Doglips

Don't let the title of this book fool you--it's not meant to insult you. The title actually comes from one of the numerous biblical messages written and preached by the author, Rev. Roger Austin. Covering a wide range of topics, Pastor Austin deals with the types of experiences that many of us face in life--our striving to start and continue a relationship with Jesus, having a true understanding of the Christian faith, remaining committed in our walk with Christ, and how to do our best to treat other people the way we want to be treated. Since Pastor Austin has employed many stories from his own life in order to help illustrate the points he makes in his messages, readers will discover how various types of life experiences--heartbreaking, anger-inducing, and funny--contain elements that can help lead, guide, and direct us in our walk through life with Christ. While we all have our own thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the topic of religious faith, Wrong Again, Doglips will speak to both unbelievers and followers of the Christian faith.

by Roger Austin

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