You are the Reason: Sands of Time I

Laney Masterson is living a perfectly comfortable and content life when a return of a past flame, Brad Green, and the persistence of a recurring dream cause her to question everything she thought she knew, sending her into a tailspin.

Laney's world is turned upside down when she walks into the realization of a love she has known before. Her inexplicable passion for Brad, a handsome, perfectly imperfect man from her past, drives her to take a step into history and rewrite the past to hopefully succeed in being together in this lifetime.

Brad returns to her life, determined to not let her go again. Laney is confronted with the daunting reality of dating a wealthy executive bachelor. Both begin to realize the danger and risks they must face if they wish to be together and those that wish to keep them apart. In spite of the setbacks, both begin to understand that their meeting was destined for many lifetimes, and their connection is otherworldly.

by J.M. Trask

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