A Real Life Struggle

Most of DayQuan Miles's life, he is sheltered from the reality of who his father is in the streets of Washington DC. Until one fateful night, he witnesses him kill a man in cold blood and finds out that nothing in life is what it seems.As they flee the scene in the dead man's car, his father decides that it's time to explain things to him in full about who and what he really is.After finding out that his father is one of the most charismatic and respected drug kingpin in the city, DayQuan wants nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps as a hustler.But after an unexpected brush with death, he starts to look at his father's lifestyle from a different perspective. Suddenly he realizes that even though he loves his pops, he has to follow his own dreams. With that in mind, he sets out to build an empire around himself.With an unlikely circle of friends, he goes on a mission to change the game.Take a journey with DayQuan as he finds friendship, love, and an undeniable lust for violence, money, and power in the pursuit of his goals.

by J.C. Wheeler

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