Addicted to the Sun: Book of Miracles

As a direct result of an accidental electrocution while working on the 220 AC shore power system aboard his boat, Captain Leo Walton had an event which changed his life forever.

Not only did the powerful electricity catapult him physically threw the air twelve feet, it entered his left hand using his own nerves as a conduit to enter his brain causing a severe traumatic brain injury.

In less than a second, he fell into unconsciousness and began a journey that he did not choose or volunteer. For a period of three weeks, alone, he cycled in and out of consciousness, not realizing that the damage to his brain and the left side of his body would demand of him to relearn how to speak, to walk, to read, to feel, and literally to be lost struggling to find himself.

As he recovered, having been a successful marine forensics investigator, he became obsessed with his own recovery. Learning quickly how fast it is today in the factory of medicine that exists in America, he found himself on six prescription medications, some psychotic in nature to replace the chemical compounds his crippled pineal and pituitary glands could no longer provide.

Suffering the losses of business, marriage, and the ability to care and provide for himself, he fell into cycles of anger and despair to the point of a well-planned and luckily uncompleted suicide.

Having developed significant physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms, he learned of a renegade bio-electric energy known by the ancients as a sudden Kundalini awakening that he determined was the cause of his suffering.

Without any great success with modern western medicine, he became an explorer of alternative methods and found himself investigating many ancient methods of healing such as yoga, reiki, qi gong, and meditation, which in time, sungazing became his primary focus.

This volume details three experiments taken from Captain Leo's personal and detailed journals about his two sungazing experiments requiring nineteen months and three hundred forty-four days, totaling an incredible a hundred fifty-three hours of staring naked-eyed at the sun, gaining the superhuman ability to stare at the sun for forty-five minutes duration. Now convinced his theories were correct, as a result of his sungazing experiments and information he learned from a thorough investigation of Nikola Tesla's life and habits, this led him to duplicate Tesla's habits and participate once more in an experiment to see how long he could go without eating food and remain alive and healthy. This led to a tenacious ninety days living as a breatharian to prove his beliefs.

Learn why Captain Leo affectionately named this The Book of Miracles.

by Captain Leo Walton

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