...And Hell Followed

The sweltering Iowa sun beat down upon me like a heavy blanket as I prepared myself to enter the sanctum of the unknown. With my CI at my side, whom I have to rely on with my life, we enter the garage where I find myself staring down the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun. The training I have to depend on are my wits and my will to survive.

Numerous fictitious accounts inspired by actual events throughout this “on the edge of your seat” book transpire and keep the reader affixed. Enjoy the adventures by living vicariously through Phil as he guides you on a journey in the underbelly of the Midwest drug world. Drugs, money, guns, lies, deceit, and death—these are all part of the world that an undercover police officer endures and battles while attempting to keep from succumbing to the demons enveloping him.

by Phil Queen

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