Becoming an Entrepreneur: Starting Your Journey and Finding Your Way

This book is written to assist prospective entrepreneurs and actively established businesses to succeed. The reality is that the current failure rate of new businesses is unacceptably high, and this book is designed to reduce this failure rate by providing potential and current entrepreneurs with a proven, step-by-step process to objectively evaluate both the financial and strategic decisions that drive successful new business creation. As well what aids established businesses in continuing to grow and expand profitably. The material throughout this book represents what I have learned in researching, teaching, and consulting with businesses for over 45 years.Every chapter includes practical and essential exercises to be completed by the reader which reinforce the critical concepts that influence effective decision-making. Successful entrepreneurship has been the most significant driver for creating personal wealth in our society and spurring economic growth.This book's ultimate objective is to provide a proven vehicle to assist any individual with the desire and motivation to achieve financial independence through business creation and growth.

by Thomas Zimmerer Ph.D. and Jennifer M. Jolly, M.S. in Entrepreneurship

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