Begin Again

Bobbie and Jake Shaw's life took a new direction after their best friends, Joel and Mattie Cohen, moved to Del Mar, California. Two years after the Cohens left, Jake and Bobbie sold their house in Alexandria, Virginia, and bought a house on the Chesapeake Bay just south of Annapolis, Maryland.

One night, when they were watching the full moon rise over the bay, Bobbie kissed him and said, "I was disconnected. As I was starting on a journey to find a new way of life, I bumped into a handsome navy commander in a Tampa airport newsstand. Now look at the gifts being together has brought us, my love. Life's close to perfect."

Then one late fall rainy evening, tragedy struck. Bobbie was driving home from work and was hit head-on by a drunk driver. After she lay motionless in the hospital for two weeks, the doctors gave Jake the horrible news. Bobbie was gone. The next day, he had her life support removed, and she died shortly thereafter.

Three years had passed since Bobbie had died, and Jake was visiting the Cohens for Elana's eighteenth birthday. During his visit, Jake had spent a few hours at the racetrack and shimmying around the old town area. It was something he and Bobbie loved doing together. But without her by his side, he felt more lonely. Later in the afternoon, he decided to clear his mind and go for a walk on Powerhouse Beach. He'd grown up in California, and walking along the beach always gave him a sense of peace and direction.

He walked close to an hour before he headed back to his car. Reaching the point where he'd started walking, he saw a mother and her young daughter standing close to the shore break. When he was a few feet from them, a sneaker wave rolled in and knocked the mother and daughter off their feet. As the mother was attempting to stand up, the strong riptide pulled the young girl from her hand and the girl was being carried out to sea. Jake responded immediately. He ran out in the surf, grabbed the woman's daughter, and carried her back to shore.

Recovering from the ordeal they all sat on the beach and were talking. Jake and Ruth Ebeid introduced themselves and shook hands. When their hands touched, they both felt a strong energy transfer between them. A few minutes later, Jake stood up and extended his hand to help Ruth and her daughter Jordan up from the sand. When Ruth grabbed his hand, they felt even a more intense sensation.

The next evening, Ruth joined Jake for dinner at George's at the Cove in La Jolla and the strong attraction they both felt at the beach the day before grew stronger. Ruth was much younger however, and although Jake was really attracted to her, he dismissed any chance of building a relationship with her.

Then ten months later, fate brought them together again. After having lunch together at a Centerville Virginia restaurant, they embarked on a journey by first building a strong friendship, and along the way, they found love.

by Kenn Sharpe

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