Black Love

In a world of police brutality and justified murder in certain communities, Black Love is a book is about how two groups of youth respond to this reality.

One group is into the streets—drug dealing, gun trafficking, gang banging—while the other group of youths are blue-collar workers and college students.

One day, a young man called “Gun Crime” witnesses police officers gun down a childhood friend walking his daughter to school. Instantly, Crime is thrust into a situation where—as a street gangster—he has to use his resources to remain both alive and free, refusing to walk into a police precinct to state that he had witnessed a “murder.”

That's where Ari comes in alongside her uncle Marcus, a former member of the Black Panther Party.

Will they be able to keep Crime alive in their current environment? More importantly, what is Black Love?

by Zuriel Clinkscales

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