Blending A Family Successfully

In a changing world, families are becoming more diversified with their family structure. Whatever situations or circumstances that you are challenged with in blending a family, know that in order to have a strong family unit, the process is much bigger than the perfect picture. Without the core values of faith, love, trust, and patience, the family unit will suffer; and the foundation will be shaken. This book, Blending a Family Successfully, is a fundamental guide, combining faith and life experiences that will revolutionize how to blend a family, bringing about better outcomes in securing a firm foundation within the family structure.The author's candor and passion cultivates a powerful and unique expression of God's love as the reader will be gracefully ushered into a new realm of possibilities in overcoming the challenges that blended families are faced with on a day-to-day basis, working toward securing a loving, healthy, and wholesome family dynamics within the home while in keeping with the fundamentals expressed within the book.Blending a Family Successfully will leave you hopeful to whatever expectations you are believing God for as it relates to your family will help cultivate and lay the foundation of faith, love, trust, and patience--the core values to blending your family successfully!

by Jeanette Moore

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