Building The Life of A Woman Engineer: Constructing the Journey and Lessons from the Field

While engineering may typically be regarded as a more male-dominated industry, women can absolutely find success within the vastly technical, seemingly scientific, and often-contractual profession.

Katherine Kehres is just one example of a wife, a mother, and an engineer who maintains overwhelming satisfaction for the life she has constructed. Her persistence can be credited for navigating what others might find intimidating, and she sometimes considers frustrating.

Crafted with an aim to change the perceptions and misconceptions, Building the Life of a Woman Engineer is mostly a memoir, maybe a self-help, and hopefully an inspiration. A key purpose of its design is in bringing awareness to and acceptability for engineering, both as an educational pursuit and as a career field, for girls to strive toward and women to thrive in.

Katherine details her growth, resilience, and dedication over the years, despite originally assuming that engineering was only for men, dads, and nerds! She accentuates how the occupation actually encompasses traits and values beyond the baseline affinity for math and science. And the insight and lessons provided function as guidance for those pondering whether they or a friend or a family member could also find engineering interesting and incredibly rewarding.

No matter where anyone is within their own individual and unique journey, the reflections on personal and professional experiences are anticipated to help everyone be less naive and more knowledgeable. Concurrently, big picture ideas serve as reassurance that all are in control of building their own life project, even when it is paved with challenges and obstacles.

So whether you have a desire to one day find your own niche, you already hold a critical role, or you are simply a champion for the importance and essentiality of engineers, your encouragement and camaraderie are welcomed in the engineering community!

by Katherine Kehres

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