Caddie to the Stars: Athletes, Celebrities, and Politicians Plus Caddie Golf Secrets

I wrote this book to show what a great job caddieing is and the many opportunities it affords. It's a life-changing job. If done right by the caddie master, this can open doors to the caddies that never would have happened in other jobs. As a caddie master, I would set up the caddie to put them in the right situation.

If the young caddie wanted to be an actor, lawyer, or car salesman or work on Wall Street, you would have them caddie for the members or guests that best suits their future ambitions. It's like a working interview. They can see how hard you work and how you interact with others and how professional you perform your job.

As a caddie master, it is your absolute responsibility to inform the college-bound caddies of the caddie scholarship programs that are available. So hopefully, this book can inspire young kids into the great world of caddieing. It's a life changer!

—Caddie Master Tim Peel

by Tim Peel

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