Camp Resurrection

Camp Resurrection is a work of science fiction, or is it? Located in upstate New York, it is home to twenty-two thousand inmates who were incarcerated during the first six months of their lives. Their only crime lies in their genetic makeup, which in the eyes of the federal government, makes them potentially violent criminals. Resurrection was built to be a closed society in which sexual activity is repressed with mind-altering drugs. A total information blackout is enforced, and the concept of family life with parents is alien. Instead, the inmates live in group homes, and are divided into Disciples and Apostles, where all inmates are considered to be brothers and sisters. This caste system is strictly enforced by subjecting each prisoner to monthly mind-control sessions called Retooling, where each inmate is brainwashed into believing that Camp Resurrection is the entire universe and that nothing exists beyond its barbed wire fences. Any nonbeliever is brutally punished and sent to The House, a sinister and deadly prison within a prison. Enter Dawn Austin, a twenty-eight-year-old psychiatrist with mysterious ties to Camp Resurrection. She was hired by Resurrection to help transform David Koertner, a thirty-four-year-old Disciple during his promotion in Apostlehood. As she teaches David about the Outside World, a bewildering and frightening world he doesn't know or understand, a tremendous force is unleashed that puts them on a deadly collision course and threatens the very existence of Camp Resurrection. As the camp's deadly secrets are revealed, Dawn and David are faced with vastly different challenges, each potentially fatal. Will Resurrection survive and continue to house society's throwaways, or will it be annihilated and take its deadly secrets with it? Its future lies in the hands of a gifted Disciple and compassionate psychiatrist.

by Joerg E. Mueller

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