Club Combinations: The Perfect Match

The year was 2014. A female college student from New Jersey named Jasmine Dredd is convinced that there are no decent men in her town. She doesn't go out and stays concentrating on her master's degree. Ironically, at a New Jersey mortgage company, a young man named Eric Young is thinking the same thing. He stops going to dance clubs because he is displeased with the quality of women he keeps meeting at these social hangouts. Can they find one another in a fast-paced town of manipulators, players, criminals and gold-diggers? Can these two individuals overcome the obstacles of their past, their family and their friends? And if they do, what happens next? Club Combinations is a look at young adult struggles as they progress into adulthood. A love inspired story that keeps getting better with time. Club Combinations can be hilarious one minute and as serious as an explosion the next. It can be used for a reference by young adults today for how important a family is to develop. A must have for anyone going through a relationship in urban America. The saga never ends.

by Brian Pearson

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