Dear Me Sudz: The Life and Times of Addie May

Addie May was in many ways before her time. She was strong willed, not afraid to speak her mind,

and distinguish between right and wrong with good common sense. For her there was no middle

ground. This became evident at an very early age as she was born with two strikes against her. First,

one leg was shorter than the other, which caused her to limp all of her life and subjecting her to

ridicule as a child. Secondly, she was left handed. Today this is not an issue, but for thousands of

years this attribute was associated with witchcraft and devil possession. Addie May's mother tried

everything she could to change her to no avail. Even a sore and blistered hand, punishment by her

first grade teacher did not dissuade her. Her formal education finished at eighth grade, yet she

became a Court Deputy, bookkeeper for her husband's hugely successful business, a practical nurse,

mother, and grandmother. It was the latter when I came to know her. Death was a frequent visitor

throughout her life. Somehow she was able to mask her inner emotions while smiling and

comforting others facing pain, distress, and death. She was a decent, honorable, and compassionate

human being who never thought of herself as anything special. This book is a tribute to a woman

who never received the recognition she deserved. It is my desire to correct this. It's unfortunate she

will never know.

K.W. Attle Jr.

by K.W. Attle Jr.

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