Doctor Doctor

Dr. Adriana Bass is a sexy, sassy, ambitious veterinarian who strongly believes love is for desperate, lonely people, and she was beyond that. Life should revolve around work; she didn't have time to date. One day, she finds herself going head-to-head with one arrogant, overly cocky, but very sexy Cameron Vrbaston. The more she's around him, the more she realizes it's more than her temper that keeps heating up.

Dr. Cameron Vrbaston is a sexy, arrogant, short-fused gynecologist who's always on the go with next to nothing for patience when it comes to people, mainly women. He believes only men can make things happen because women are too emotional. This all changes the day he finds himself in the one place he'd rather not be: SomerOaks Animal Hospital. He stopped in for a quick answer about his beloved dog, Viper, but he gets more than he bargained for when he goes head-to-head with Dr. Adriana Bass, who awakens a passion deep within him he thought he buried many years ago. Now he will stop at nothing to make her realize there is a life filled with passionate love outside the workplace.

May all find loving humor from Doctor/Doctor.

by Qishon Vrba

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