Encouraging Words Can Make a Difference

Sometimes we all need an encouraging word to help us move forward from a difficult situation or to even help us with our own thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity. An encouraging word can be shared with everyone regardless of their age, gender, color, background, or religious beliefs.Some of these poems stemmed from my own feelings and were planted in my soul from listening to my family and my friends throughout the years. I hope these poems will encourage someone to know that they are not alone with their struggles. I want everyone to know that we can be on different stages of life, and still deal with some of the same emotions that causes us to have feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. I am grateful that God speaks to me through the words of the Holy Bible and through my family. I faithfully believe that an encouraging word can be planted to spread healing.   I also wholeheartedly believe that an encouraging word can give hope to others when they are feeling down and may not have the strength to encourage themselves. Just knowing that someone cares enough to speak a positive word in my life, helped me to feel stronger, and motivated me to share poems of inspiration to speak encouraging words to others.

by Johnnie Rembert

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