Fatal Error

Summary of Fatal ErrorSilver City, New Mexico, has been home to the Medina family for decades. Unlike your typical business, the Medina family has been responsible for the production and distribution of methamphetamine and cocaine dating back to Jessie Medina's grandfather. Recently, an East Coast crew of Jersey boys felt that the Medinas's longstanding business needed some healthy competition. What was supposed to be friendly message to one of the Medinas soon got out of hand, and a photograph of the East Coast boys' handiwork was sent to the CEO of the Medina operations with deadly clarity. However, when that message never arrived to its intended destination, the Jersey crew knew that they had to do whatever it took to retrieve it back. This fast-moving book takes the reader into twists and turns, which winds up into a kidnapping of the wife of a prominent politician. All the while, the reasons for her abduction are believed to be with the lowlife, drug-dealing brother-in-law, who was in Mexico for the weekend. The ruthless crew finally tracks the brother-in-law down where a continued reign of terror occurs in an attempt to retrieve that which was accidently sent into cyberspace.

by MH Mazza

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