Green Societies: Five Nordic States as Leaders in Conservation

Scandinavia is best known for the cooperative model of a mix of government, economy and innovative policies, encompassing the five Nordic models well-known throughout the Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The growing ways of eco-studies has created yet another distinctive path to implement diverse green policies from to Icelandic geothermal energy, the Vestas windmills provided Novo Nordic, Denmark's healthcare specializing in diabetes, and Norway's incentives for electric cars and efficient ferry development. Sweden promotes ecology, as well as the voice of global advocate, Greta Thunberg. The distinct way of combining for each of the north, has brought in a new Scandinavian way, appropriate to a new movement of ways clean energy development. This book, Green Societies, identifies the unique ways from collaboration who also share the direction of ecological and political economy change.

by Christine Ingebritsen

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