Have You Got God?

This book is written by the author, John Itso Elijah, as a goad and as a wake-up call to the reader; it is intended to fill in the gaps and omissions which occur in modern-day ‘church' teachings, which repetitiously teach the “milk” of salvation only. As valuable as God's message of salvation is, these modern-day churches enfamish and enfeeble their parishioners of the comprehensive “meat” of hearing the deeper words written in the volume of the LORD's Word. Psalm 40:7 states, “Lo, I come in the volume of the book: it is written of me.” IF you are one of those “enfamished ones” written of in Amos 8:11–12, you have now found those WORDS of the LORD! (They are not simply the author's words; they are YHVH's Words.) It is my prayer and hope that you will enjoy and accept these proofs and references of His Words as He intended you to! America bless YHVH. Hallelujah!

by John Itso Elijah

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