Home Grown

Kahlil Smooth has transitioned from chasing love for years to now becoming a full-blown bachelor focusing only on himself. The transition was swift and quite pleasurable for him as he placed love in his rearview. The spoils of being a young, rich bachelor were quite fulfilling for the businessman who went from being selfless to completely selfish, focusing solely on his joys.Is this all a facade? Could this once helpless romantic totally turn his back on love to fully enjoy the single life? Is it that simple? Is it that cut-and-dry? What does love have to say about the actions of Kahlil?Sure, love is 0-2 when it comes to relationships for Kahlil, but we're talking about love here--the conqueror of all. Is there a greater love on the horizon waiting to spring out on Kahlil to completely turn his world upside down yet again? Will he be able to handle it if it does? Two heartbreaks later...will he even care?So many questions with surprising answers that await discovery in Home Grown. Whose side are you on--the lover or the bachelor? Make your decision wisely then open the book. Strap on your mental seat belt and enjoy.

by Rodney J. Suggs

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