How to Get the Job You Want: Reigns of Employment

Have you been overlooked in your career path? Have you struggled to find the job you actually want to work at? Are you struggling with the interview process or maybe having trouble landing an interview in the first place?

I wrote this book to answer all these questions and dozens more. This small pocket guidebook is meant to set you apart from all the other competition. With over sixteen years of interview, application, and follow up experience, I wrote this to help you get the job you want to work at and feel fulfilled in your daily life. This detailed process has been tried and true for an amazing thirty-four out of thirty-seven job interviews. With a long-standing success rate in my process, those closest to me pushed me to write a book to help everyone have the knowledge I have and help them get a job in any field.

This book is short, sweet, and to the point. It was written with all levels of reading in mind and should take no longer than a few hours to read from cover to cover. A few things you'll want to have when starting down the path to meaningful employment is a pen, some paper, and this book. I'll explain everything from how to dress, when you should follow up, and how to present yourself and so much more to make you stand out above the rest.

by Orin Wing

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